Currently, 24 U.S. states issue renewable energy tax credits. At Clocktower Tax Credits, we research and monitor Renewable Energy Tax Credits being issued under tax incentive programs in these states.

As tax credit brokers, we introduce institutional investors, who want to decrease their tax liabilities, to renewable energy developers who already have state tax credits or will be earning them. State-issued renewable energy tax credits can be used to offset corporate income tax, franchise tax, insurance premium tax and/or bank shares tax. The type of taxes that these credits can be used against varies from state to state. Investors purchase these credits at a discount and find them to be an effective tool in realizing substantial savings on state tax liabilities, while renewable energy project developers find needed equity for their important projects.

If you are a developer interested in monetizing your state Renewable Energy Tax Credits or an institutional investor interested in purchasing this type of tax credit, please contact us for more information regarding the programs we work in and our services.